Client Testimonials


What can I say about Mr. Corona, he helped me start a brand new life. For myself and my family. When others turned my case down, he said YES! Not only did he say yes, but he got me through a very tough time, and fought for us to till the very end. Getting me acquitted from our complicated case, was a huge relief, and I owe it all to Mr. Corona, and his amazing work ethic.


I’ve now had 2 criminal cases handled by this firm and both cases were completely dismissed off my record. I went to several firms prior who were much more expensive and were not able to help whatsoever. After completely wasting my money I’m glad to have found Corona & Peabody. They will absolutely be handling any cases from here on. 


Mr. Corona has represented me for almost ten years through divorce, custody and even a motorcycle accident.  Courteous and knowledgeable, Art always gives his clients the assurance they need in troublesome times.  He listens to your concerns and helps you see the options for action.  His preparation and strategy are top notch.  In the courtroom he is a fierce litigator and unsurpassed as a negotiator.  I have always been highly satisfied with Mr. Corona’s effort in my matters and would recommend his services to anyone in need of a champion.


Art Corona is one of the best attorneys we’ve ever dealt with.  He asked the right questions regarding full custody of our daughter.  He spoke with our daughter with great care and was very patient in proceeding with our very difficult case.  He guided us through a very difficult process and handled the matter professionally despite the other side’s loss of cool. If you’re looking for a strong advocate, this is who we would recommend, hands down.


Professional and Helpful.  Arthur was very helpful and professional in handling my situation.  He takes the time to figure every detail of the case and then acts accordingly.  I was also very happy with the outcome of my case and Arthur was very professional in court as well.  He also helped out in every question I had regarding the case.


Mr. Corona is one of the best attorneys I have ever met or had to deal with. He is very nice and polite and easy to talk to.  He always took the extra time to explain all of my questions so that I could understand it all. He was always available for me and made time for the random questions that we all want to know about our cases. He was extremely punctual and always very sharply dressed and confident in the courtroom. When you need an attorney the most important things to me are trust and comfort with your attorney and his or her ability to win your case. I am telling you this is the professional you want on your team period. I am a successful professional and I am proud and thankful that I can call Art Corona. Call this law firm and you will know the feeling of victory and justice.